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DV MARK tries to break new ground, to be creative,
is still connected to live guitar players and focused on essentials!


Who is DV MARK Clubcard owner?

Guitarists / musicians who are related to the brand and already own a DV MARK product
and or are willing to buy products from DV MARK, and above all, who are interested to support the brand.


Their connection should be rewarded,
that's why we want to offer some discounts and specials to Clubcard owners!



Benefits for DV Mark Clubcard owners

  • Discount coupon for social media activities.
  • Participation in customer advertises customer program.
  • Emergency backline support.
  • Price advantages when buying a DV MARK products.
  • Full "TRY ME" support!


Who can apply for the DV MARK CLUBCARD?

Everyone - but it should make sense for the customer to apply for the DV Mark Club Card.


Which CLUBCARD can I apply for and what advantagesdoes it offer to me?

clubcard  To get started, here is the DV MARK Clubcard Benefits

clubcard bronze  For dedicated members we offer the DV MARK Bronze Clubcard Benefits

clubcard silver  The Silver Card for the real DV MARK fans Benefits

clubcard gold  Owners of the DV MARK Gold Clubcard are loyal fans and brand ambassadors! Benefits


How can I apply for the DV MARK CLUBCARD?

The DV MARK CLUBCARD is a virtual club card!

If you have completed the registration form below, we ask for your understanding,
if we conduct a short authentication and legally secure the use of your basic data.
Afterwards, your customer data will be marked in our shop as CLUBCARD owner,
so that discount coupons and other benefits can be deposited in the shop.


Apply for the DV MARK Clubcard here!


You don't have to be afraid of!

  • We DON'T SPAM!!
  • We DON'T pass your data on to third parties!
  • We are really happy if you sign up and support DV Mark with your activities!


Validity of the DV MARK CLUBCARD

The DV MARK Clubcard keeps its validity as long as the DV MARK Germany Shop exists
or until you cancel your membership.
A membership termination is possible at any time - simply by e-mail: Send "Termination DV MARK Clubcard" to clubcard@dvmark.de!

Thank you for your trust!
Your DV MARK Germany Team


If you have any questions about the membership of the DV MARK Clubcard and would like further information,
feel free to send an e-mail to club@dvmark.de or call +49 6226 785193 to contact Jörn Langenfeld!